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Tensile Fabric

Canopy and membrane design forms the majority of our shade sail solutions. Because of this we have pioneered small-scale, deployable, tensile canopies whilst at the same time developing a unique approach to this type of structure.

Careful attention to detail has not only reduced the cost of the fabric structures, it has made them much easier to handle and install. This technology is showcased most clearly in our ShadePlus range of canopies.

In addition to this 'domestic' scale work we also undertake work on larger scale permanent canopies for the architectural market. Some types of these structures include walkways, playground shade, and awnings.

Recently we have moved into the interiors market with the aim of bringing the same level of innovation and fresh thinking to this area of the market as we have done with the external domestic canopy market.

During the last 2 years we have developed a unique system for internal tensile sails that offers greater flexibility with very clean elegant detailing and a simple installation process. Using relatively lightweight, stretch fabrics, the sails tension simply and easily into elegant, 3-dimensional, wrinkle-free forms. This system is currently used in our InShade range of sails, but can be adapted to suit a wide range of commercial applications.


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